Mediocre Content Is Hurting Your Brand

If I am to ask you , “Do you have a Content Strategy and a Content Calendar in place, at least for this week?” I will get answers which are hurting your brand. When I am doing content audit for brands , one thing I am realising is , I can simply copy the previous report and it can work for several businesses . Why ?, because the mediocre content is what is there on all platforms for many businesses.

Content marketing done right can be one of the most effective forms of marketing, but all too often companies are kicking out content that is mediocre at best, and it’s costing them business. Good content is not about sophisticated graphics , its about sharing information that evokes emotions in people.People are increasingly turned off by advertising or promotional content that you are posting.

Do a simple check right now , are people engaging with a post that you talk about your goods and services ? 90 % is no . You get better engagement when you post something educational , informative , entertaining and valuable . We need to step up from mediocre content.

Creating high quality engaging content doesn’t happen overnight , you need to start reading and checking out businesses which are doing it right and learn from them . No one is coming to your rescue , if you can’t do it yourself , hire someone or outsource the content creation service.

With mediocre content its difficult to convert people into paying customers

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