Women in science

This year we celebrated International Woman’s Day at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) a successful event organized by the OWSD Zimbabwe Chapter and AFRIESEARCHI. As part of the OWSD Executive committee representing the technology portfolio, I believe this is the time for all women to embrace digital marketing and emerging technologies for their career and business development.

Technological solutions permeate every aspect of our society, it defines the way we live, how we build our products and how we work. Not only does technology drive our economy but it invents our future. This is why we are encouraging the greater population ie women to embrace technology and break the bias.

While we cry for gender equality and the lack of opportunities for women in the tech space. I believe opportunities will not hunt for you if you are idle. You need to learn tech skills and show the world that you are capable. Go out and grab your opportunity in the digital space. Regardless of which program you need a tech skill, you also need digital marketing because you have to promote your professional brand.