“Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity, that they create lies we believe in.” It took me sometime to deal with my insecurities as I ventured into becoming a digital / tech-driven entrepreneur.We are constantly worried thinking about whether or not we are looking good enough, whether or not we are liked. Not everyone on the digital platform will like you, thats a fact. You are not on digital platforms to be liked but to make impact in peoples lives. At one point I shared how I couldn’t speak fluent English , this would be one of my insecurities ,I had to overcome this.People post pictures on social media and constantly go back to the page to check how many likes they have or how many comments their post got. When they don’t see any engagement , some delete to avoid embarrassment . Those are digital insecurities.It is almost like we are looking for approval from others on how we are doing. Your beliefs about yourself and the digital world are key to how to get over insecurities. If you believe that you are shy, vulnerable, an introvert and not deserving of success, your actions will follow this pattern of limiting beliefs and insecurities . But if you change your story and begin to tell yourself that you are smart, worthy and confident, you will be and you will overcome your insecurities.Happy Monday #tofaraonline #socialmedia #digital #entrepreneur