Let go off some habits as you build your brand, `because one day they might cost you.Growing up we had this habit of taking off our shoes when we get into the house . We did it to the extent that you didn’t have to think of it but as you enter, naturally you would take off your shoes . So around 2010 I bought my first car and the company I worked for took us out for lunch at avondale and mind you this was my first time eating in a restaurant and the car was a week old . So when we were done , I went to the car park , took my shoes off (subconciously) got into the car and drove back to work . I was also used to driving without shoes as I was getting used to driving , so well everything was normal . When I got back to work , I looked for my shoes and couldn’t find them and realized I took them off and left them outside the car and drove off . Well this incident cost me my whole afternoon and that was the day I started driving with shoes on and made sure I wear shoes in the house and up to now in my house every one has to wear shoes .Back to digital marketing , let me talk about some bad habits which are costing business people every day :Let go off some digital marketing bad habits because they might cost you.What are these habits ?Advertising the product and not the solutionContinuing a campaign that isn’t workingContent is not engagingFailing to identify main goals before launching a marketing campaignMaking false promises#tofaraonline #digitalmarketing #content #brand #advertising