“Slow down Tofara, it’s too early to speak about your brand every day, what if it fails?”

Well, “I have failed several times, if I fail again this time. I will pick myself up and start again.”

We often get negative comments and feedback about being active online. One of the common ones is people think we are desperate for attention. No not at all. We are building a habit of being consistent.

If it wasn’t for consistency in talking about my brand, I would have missed so many opportunities in my line of business. If I don’t talk about my brand and what I stand for, who is going to dig into my grave to see if I am alive?

211 million pieces of digital content are being published every minute. If you want to stand out, you have to create valuable content consistently.

With this huge number, if you don’t create consistent content about your brand, people will forget about you overnight.

Consistency is the critical driver for success for every brand. Being consistent means dedicating yourself to your goals and staying focused on creating content and doing activities to achieve your goals.

Build your brand by consistently putting in the hard work, trying new ideas, failing, and getting back up again

“No matter how complicated or simple your content is, just get it out there. Consistent content will give you better traction, people will trust your brand, you can improve conversions and you will generate more leads.

Consistency is key

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