We’re excited to share the success of TechTalent Connect, our recent job fair and placement event! Students from our Talent 4 Startups Program connected with innovative startups, industry leaders, and major organizations. The energy was incredible!Our dedicated students showcased their skills, impressing employers and driving future innovation. Thank you to Digital Africa for the support in developing and funding the program. Your help has transformed lives and made a big impact on Zimbabwe’s tech scene.Event Highlights:1. New Opportunities2. Empowering Connections3. Inspiring Stories4. Building BridgesThank you to all our exhibitors. Your support empowered our students and strengthened our community. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights!#Talent4Startups #TechTalentConnect #DigitalAfrica #TofaraOnline #Innovation #JobFair #Empowerment #FutureTechLeaders