Last week, we had a thrilling session at our Talent 4 Startups project, where trainer Tarirai Nunurai introduced a captivating case study to our aspiring digital marketers.The challenge? Hotel T, a new luxury establishment in Victoria Falls, opens its doors with a nightly rate of $700 per person. As the newly appointed digital marketing officers, our trainees were tasked with devising a social media strategy to attract both domestic and international visitors.The range of innovative strategies presented was impressive, showcasing the creativity and insight of our students. Each strategy was tailored to appeal uniquely to the different demographics, highlighting their understanding in targeting diverse markets.This session was not only a test of their digital marketing skills but also a fantastic learning opportunity, sparking lively discussions and exchange of ideas. Stay tuned as we continue to nurture the next wave of digital marketing professionals!#Talent4Startups #DigitalMarketing #CaseStudy#EducationInAction #DigitalAfrica #TofaraOnline