About Me

My name is Tofara Lindsay Chokera Chishumba. I am a mother of two boys and im married to Kudakwashe Chishumba. I am an IT Engineer by profession , I am a passionate entrepreneur  and an experienced Internet Marketer.

Growing up in a small town called Zvishavane in Zimbabwe.I never knew that one day I will be a great Internet marketer. I was raised by my mother who was a single mother . She was a teacher by profession but she used to sell anything which comes her way to get an extra income so that she pays our school fees. Growing up my mother never taught us about business , she just told us to go to school and work hard because with education the sky is the limit. Together with my brother and sister we did our best in the education sector.

After doing my graduate trainee , I got a job which I thought was paying well. I relaxed and started enjoying the cooperate world. Little did I know that there is a better and interesting world of business and entrepreneurship. It never came in my mind that I can actually sell something to get an extra income. My mother’s hard work never rang in my mind , I loved my pay day and I enjoyed my salary a lot. I would see a lot of people buying and selling but never bothered to ask why they were doing it or how they were doing it.

Thank God through ZAOGA forward in faith , I got teaching about working talents , I was new in the church when I got this teaching . I just learnt that a person should buy and sell and without further researches I jumped on it. I started selling anything which comes my way . I sold vases , blankets etc . I later on realised that I was chasing the wind . I was just spinning money and nothing tangible was coming out of the running around . I encountered losses because I did not have any business ethics or knowledge. 

I decided to enrol in an internet marketing course and that changed my life. I identified by area of passion , I started my internet business called African Queen Zimbabwe , where we supply African print fabrics and finished products. I grew this business online using the internet marketing experience I had and through research on targeting the global market I saw myself exporting products to countries abroad and in southern africa.

A lot of people started engaging me on how I have managed to grow this business and this is when I started my coaching programs on internet marketing . I coach on social media marketing , website development, how to excel in MLM (Network Marketing) , magazine development and creating blogs to make money online. I am passionate about creating opportunities for young people in business and women in business for them to grow their businesses online. I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this website . When you feel low we have some motivation to keep you going . Our startups page will encourage you to start your own business and share your story.

Remember i am available for booking to be a speaker on Internet Maketing and how to grow your business online.